Starting Again….


Welcome to my newly reinstated blog – or if you visited me before, then welcome back!

About a year ago my previous blog was suddenly erased without me ever finding out the reason.  There are a number of possibilities. At one extreme, it was a vanity of mine to think that I had been the target of a group or agency, official or otherwise who were opposed to my views.  But in reality my humble blog almost certainly would not register as much of a risk.  More likely it would have been the target of a random hacker who just saw the possibility of a bit of fun at my expense. Just as likely was a technical problem, perhaps a system update which had undesirable consequences.

I set about rebuilding my blog and in the meantime posted more content on Facebook. I became lazy, a few tweets and a posting on Facebook became the norm. Then, earlier this month when Facebook decided they did not like my alias of New Leveller and closed down my page. Now, Facebook is the only Social Media platform I know which objects to aliasses. Considering the number of troll accounts on the platform the possibility of Facebook enforcing a proper names only policy is absurd. For me the New Leveller alias describes my values in the closest possible terms . So I refuse to be bullied by Facebook and the incident has prompted me to put more effort in to my other activities. Restarting my blog is the first and I have other plans which I shall be pursuing in the new year.

As time passes I shall populate my blog with many of the resources which I have found personally influential, artistic, academic and historical.

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