Online Audio-Visual Materials

How Do You Know If You Are Truly Frflburne and the Citizenship of Free Born EnglishmenA video with music of Levellers Day 2015  (by Geoff Wolf)

Dramatisation of the 1849 trial of the Chartists at Monmouth Shire Hall:
Part 1  ¦  Part 2  ¦  Part 3 ¦   Part 4  ¦  Part 5 ¦   Part 6 ¦   Part 7 

Philip C. Bobbitt:  Machiavelli  In conversation with Harry Kreisler

Melvyn Bragg broadcast: The Peterloo Massacre with historians on BBC Rasio 4 In Our Time

Melvin Bragg broadcast: Now is the Time: John Ball (part of BBC2 2-part series Radical Lives)

Melvin Bragg broadcast: Rights of Man: Thomas Paine (part of BBC2 2-part series Radical Lives)

Malvyn Bragg discusses The Putney Debates with historians on BBC Radio 4 In Our Time

Rachel Foxley: Lilburne and the Citizenship of Free-Born Englishment (John Lilburne 400 Conference)

Philip Pettit: How Do You Know If You Are Truly Free? (TEDx New York)

Philip Pettit: On Republicanism

John W Rees  On his book The Leveller Revolution Interview with Vanessa Feltz on the Jeremy Vine show

John W Rees  The Levellers, Lilburne and Prince Rupert  Speech at Crabtree 16

Quentin Skinner: On the Liberty of Republics

Quentin Skinner: So, what does freedom mean to us?

Adam Tomkins:  On the Flaws of Britain’s Constitutional Monarchy  Interview with Graham Smith of Republic

Richard Weight: Britain’s Revolutionary Past (Don’t Mention the Civil War)  interviewed by Paul Lay for History Today (Podcast)

Stuart White Opening Remarks to the Reclaiming Republicanism: Recovering the Tradition’s Radical Heritage Conference

Benjamin Zephaniah:  On the monarchy and turning down an OBE  Interview with Graham Smith of Republic