Online Audio-Visual Materials

A video with music of Levellers Day 2015  (by Geoff Wolf)

Dramatisation of the 1849 trial of the Chartists at Monmouth Shire Hall:
Part 1  ¦  Part 2  ¦  Part 3 ¦   Part 4  ¦  Part 5 ¦   Part 6 ¦   Part 7 

Philip C. Bobbitt:  Machiavelli  In conversation with Harry Kreisler

Melvyn Bragg broadcast: The Peterloo Massacre with historians on BBC Rasio 4 In Our Time

Melvin Bragg broadcast: Now is the Time: John Ball (part of BBC2 2-part series Radical Lives)

Melvin Bragg broadcast: Rights of Man: Thomas Paine (part of BBC2 2-part series Radical Lives)

Malvyn Bragg discusses The Putney Debates with historians on BBC Radio 4 In Our Time

Philip Pettit: A Brief History of Liberty and its Lessons (2014 Alan Saunders Memorial Lecture)

Philip Pettit:  Freedom as an Essentially Public Good  Conference of the International Hegel Association (2011)

Philip Pettit: On Republicanism

John W Rees  On his book The Leveller Revolution Interview with Vanessa Feltz on the Jeremy Vine show

John W Rees  The Levellers, Lilburne and Prince Rupert  Speech at Crabtree 16

Quentin Skinner: On the Liberty of Republics

Quentin Skinner: So, what does freedom mean to us?

Adam Tomkins:  On the Flaws of Britain’s Constitutional Monarchy  Interview with Graham Smith of Republic

Richard Weight: Britain’s Revolutionary Past (Don’t Mention the Civil War)  interviewed by Paul Lay for History Today (Podcast)

Stuart White Opening Remarks to the Reclaiming Republicanism: Recovering the Tradition’s Radical Heritage Conference

Benjamin Zephaniah:  On the monarchy and turning down an OBE  Interview with Graham Smith of Republic