Online Texts

Anon (1642)  The Nineteen Propositions sent by the two Houses of Parliament to the King at York.

Anon (2003)  Judgments – Regina v Her Majesty’s Attorney General ex parte Rusbridger and another. Confirms the right to advocate in writing the abolition of monarchy.

Anon (1998)  Human Rights Act

Carlile, R. (1821)  Life of Thomas Paine

Cicero, Marcus Tullius (51BCE) De re Publica (On the Commonwealth) English Translation

Coke, E. et al (1628)  Petition of Right

Godwin (1793) Enquiry Concerning Political Justice

Harrington, J. (1656)  The Commonwealth of Oceana

Leveller Manifesto (1647) An Agreement of the People

Linton, W.J. (1851) The English Republic

The London Working Men’s Association (1838)  The People’s Charter

Machiavelli, N. (1519)    Discourses on Livy  (Translated into English)

Magna Carta (1215 Version)  English translation

Overton, R. (1646)  An Arrow Against All Tyrants

Paine, T. (1776)  Common Sense

Paine, T (1795)  The Agrarian Justice

Paine, T (1796)  The Rights of Man

Pettit, P. (2003) RepublicanismThe Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2003 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.)

Shelley, P.B (1819) England in 1819

Shelley, P.B. (1819) Masque of Anarchy

Shelley, P.B. (1811)  Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things

Sidney, A. (1698)  Discourses Concerning Government